Pros and Cons between the normal and the small pc?

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Pros and Cons between the normal and the small pc?

I’m planning to buy a pc(desktop) and I see these smaller slimmer towers. Looks nice, takes up less space, but is there a downside to it compared to the normal size one? Are the parts easily replaceable in the case of technical problems?

What are the pros and cons? Which should I buy?

Your advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, guys. ?

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Answer by cld
Pros to slimline computers:
-lesser space taken
-more portable
-less weight

Cons to slimline computers:
-there may be a certain cap on specs, due to the limited space on the computer case
-Because of limited space, one cannot expand and upgrade as he or she pleases, because the parts are smaller, and may have to require to contact the manufacturer to perform the service for a fee, in addition to the price of the component being inserted
-more difficult to replace certain parts, because the parts are smaller than their normal sized counterparts(i.e. PCI cards in a slimline is smaller than a full-size card)

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