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Waiting Room (Baden Airpark Edition)
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Image by lanier67
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Waiting Room – Fugazi

I am a patient boy
I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait
My time is like water down a drain
Everybody’s moving,
Everybody’s moving
Everybody’s moving moving moving moving
Please don’t leave me to remain
In the waiting room
I don’t want the news
I’m not a part of it
I don’t want the news
I have no use for it
Sitting outside of town
Everybody’s always down
Tell me why… because they can’t get up
But I don’t sit idly by
I’m planning a big surprise
I’m gonna fight for what I want to be
I won’t make the same mistakes
Because I know how much time that wastes
Function is the key
In the waiting room

Done with the 100mm F2.8L at ISO1600 and 1/100sec. I took my parents to Baden Airpark today for their flight to Portugal. The airport was deserted and I could get this shot at the restaurant.

Music: The top sinlges on the iTunes Store

iTunes news
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