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Microsoft's Windows NT turns 20

Microsoft Windows – Problembericht senden
microsoft windows
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Microsoft Windows

Das System wird nach einem schwerwiegenden Fehler wieder ausgeführt.

Für diesen Fehler wurde eine Protokoll erstellt.

Dieses Problem bitte auch an Microsoft berichten.
Ihre Problemmeldung wird dazu beitragen, die Qualität von Microsoft Windows zu verbessern. Wir werden Ihren Bericht vertraulich und anonym behandeln.
Um zu sehen, welche Daten Ihr Bericht enthält, klicken Sie hier.

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[ Nicht senden ]

Microsoft's Windows NT turns 20

microsoft windows
In 1993, Microsoft launched Windows NT 3.1. It was followed up by NT 3.5, 3.51 and 4.0. Microsoft's Windows releases still rely on NT-inspired numbering conventions. Windows 7's build numbers commenced with 6.1; Windows 8's with 6.2; and Windows 8.1 …

Microsoft Windows –
microsoft windows
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See details of the current slideshow

Many people at Waygood are strongly against using Microsoft Windows software…

Waygood does intend to avoid big captialist enterprises like Microsoft, Yahoo and Google as much as possible in the new building.

Installing Microsoft Windows Vista
microsoft windows
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and try to save all the old data…

Microsoft readies IE 11 for Windows 7, too

microsoft windows
Browser aficionados and haters alike will be overjoyed that Microsoft is keeping its promise to keep the new Internet Explorer up-to-date on Windows 7 as well as Windows 8. The Internet Explorer 11 Developer's Preview for Windows 7, which debuted on …

Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 11 developer preview for Windows 7

microsoft windows
As promised, Internet Explorer 11 is making its way to Windows 7, slowly but surely. Almost a month after we got our first serious taste of Microsoft's latest browser, currently available on Windows 8.1 only, the developer preview version for Win 7 has …

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