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Medical Discoveries That Have Changed the Face of Humanity

Since the beginning of time, healers, doctors, grandmothers, and even neighbors, have been sharing their recommended treatments for our most troubling ailments. While some of their advice probably caused more harm than good, other tips have gone as far as being used as the basis of the most profound drugs and medical tools at our disposal today.

You probably couldn’t imagine how people lived before anesthesia or vaccines…well, honestly, most of them didn’t. Read on to find out which medical discoveries changed the way we live, you surely won’t take the that Advil LiquiGels for granted next time you suffer from a headache.


Aspirin was first introduced in 1899 by Farbenfabriken Vormals Friedrich Bayer & Co, and is still one of the most common over-the-counter pain-relieving drug used, and is taken daily by people who are at risk for heart attack.

Aspirin first came in the form of acetylsalicylic acid (ASA), it was widely believed at the time of its discovery that aspirin relieved pain by stimulating the central nervous system. Today, its uses extend far beyond simple pain management, and it is even thought to possess inflammation-fighting characteristics that have the potential to aid in the treatment of heart disease and numerous cancers.

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