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Eat well on the go with these nutritious low cal snacks

Smarter snacking really is the answer to keeping your energy, mood and weight-loss ambitions on track. We’ve rounded up the latest tasty low cal snacks for you to stash in your handbag (or gym bag) for an instant, long-lasting energy fix.

1. MELLO Watermelon Seeds
Capturing the natural healthy goodness of melons, these teeny watermelon seeds are roasted and naturally flavoured for the perfect desk-side snack.
They offer up an army of goodies – from fibre and potassium to iron and magnesium, making them a nutritional powerhouse in a pot.

2. Rachel’s Coconut Divine Rice
Made with organic coconut milk and absolutely no artificial colourings, flavours or preservatives, Rachel’s delicious rice pudding is the perfect snack when you’re craving something sweet.
►£1.39, Tesco

3. PACK’D Energy Smoothie Kit
Offering the perfect balance of nutrients, PACK’D’s smoothie kits contain a frozen mix of natural, whole ingredients and superfoods, so you
can whizz up a healthy smoothie in seconds.

4. Inspiral Crackits
Organic, raw, gluten-free and delicious, Inspiral’s Crackits come in four savoury flavours. Made from a variety of plant proteins, vegetables and tonic herbs, they are air-dried at low temperatures
to create a crunchy,
tasty snack.

5. Yushoi Snapea Rice Sticks
Low in calories and packed with plant protein and fibre, these Japanese-inspired baked nibbles are made from green peas and rice. Yum!

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