LG develops smartphone display with super-thin bezel

Does your phone lack screen real estate?

That might seem like a strange question, given that smartphones seem to grow in size with each generation. But if you don’t have the palms to hold a phablet, LG has developed an LCD panel for smartphones that obliterates the frame — called the bezel — that surrounds phone displays. That way you get maximum screenage. In fact, judging by LG’s promo photos, the device looks a bit jarring, as if the screen doesn’t have much of a frame at all.



The sliver-thin bezel is just 0.7mm thick — even thinner than a credit card. That’s only for the left and right sides of the display, so the top and bottom portions of the bezel are more clearly visible. 

The touch panel is embedded into the LCD module. That means the parts that make up the whole take up less space, so LG is able to scrape away much more of the bezel.

LG, which is based in South Korea, also uses what it calls “Neo Edge” technology, which is an adhesive that’s different from double-sided tape. This unites the circuit board and backlight all on its own, so there’s no need for an extra plastic panel to bring everything together, according to the company.

LG will begin mass-producing the panels in November, with the initial launch happening in China, where there’s heavy demand for big displays.

Thin seems to be a commodity in smartphones these days. Oppo, a Chinese electronics manufacturer, unveiled its Oppo R5 phone on Wednesday, and the phone is ridiculously slight at just 4.85mm thick. That may well be the thinnest smartphone out there. It’s so thin that it doesn’t even have a headphone jack — you’ll need to use the micro-USB adapter for that.

You can be the judge if thinner is better, but there are options out there if that’s your preference.

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