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Leftover Pie Dough? Try These Recipes

A person lays pie dough over a pie pan.

It’s no secret that fresh, homemade pie dough tastes much better than store-bought. So rather than tossing your leftover dough in the trash, save it for additional recipes!

One way to use leftover pie dough? Transform it into crackers for a savory snack!

The recipe is simple and delicious. Whether you dust your crackers with cinnamon sugar or a flavorful herb blend, this treat is an excellent use of your leftover dough.

To try out this recipe, simply bring your dough to room temperature and use a roller to get the dough to your desired thickness. Cut the dough into 1-inch squares and brush each side with oil. Sprinkle each piece with your desired seasoning and place them in the oven. Bake your crackers at 450 degrees F for six to seven minutes, or until they appear slightly brown.

You can also transform your leftover dough into pie crust dippers to enjoy with a creamy cannoli dip. This dip blends cream cheese, vanilla, and chocolate chips, and these pie dough squares are the perfect addition to this holiday treat.

Kneading pie dough can be a fine art. If you tend to over-knead your dough, there are some helpful tricks to help you save your overworked pie dough.

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