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Learn how to regenerate and repair your liver in upcoming “Fatty Liver Docu-Class” that begins Feb. 25th – register here

An upcoming docu-class produced by Global Health Solutions features a truly extraordinary collection of doctors, naturopaths and natural health experts (most of whom were interviewed in-studio) to produce the most comprehensive series of interviews ever offered on the subject of liver health.

Given that we are now living in a world of super high concentrations of toxins that have to be processed and neutralized by your liver, this docu-class is a “must watch” series for all of us.

Register now at this link to watch the full series beginning Feb. 25th.

“The Fatty Liver Docu-Class was, BY FAR, one of the BEST programs I have EVER VIEWED. Extremely informative, excellent speakers through and thorough!” – Marcia P.

Here are just a few of the many highlights you’ll glean from watching this series:

  • Discover a natural way to regenerate, rejuvenate and repair your liver … without the need for toxic medications
  • A simple and inexpensive treatment for stage 4 cancer … that has conventional oncology furious
  • Shocking drug company admission reveals their true agenda… it’s worse than you think
  • Denise outlines how to avoid becoming a liver transplant statistic … it’s easier than you think
  • Understand which nutrients are a “must have” … and why a plan is so important to survive
  • A message of hope and solutions for cirrhosis … despite the “doom and gloom” message offered by Western medicine
  • Surprising news that will forever change the way you view hemorrhoids … plus, a warning about varicose veins
  • Having 2 or more kids places an extra burden on the liver … Dr. DeMaria explains what mothers need to know
  • If your gallbladder has been removed … Dr. DeMaria has essential news about what to do for the rest of your life
  • Shocking information about the dangers of eating certain grains … listen carefully if you want to avoid liver cancer
  • Understand the best way to test your liver function … before you have major health issues
  • What is the link between liver disorders and autoimmune conditions … and how you can fix these problems naturally
  • Mind-blowing details about WHY liver function diminishes over time … and, without any warning signals
  • Discover the importance of our detoxification pathways … and, how they help us to restore liver function
  • Cholesterol-lowering medication is widely used … but, Dr. Lewis reveals many hidden dangers to your health

Register now at this link to hear from all the health experts who are participating in this series. At no additional cost to you, we receive a percentage of product sales if you decide to purchase the DVD set or other offers, none of which are required to view this full course for free. If you do decide to help financially support this event, you’ll also be supporting Natural News and our continued efforts to help make the world a healthier, freer place by promoting health freedom and natural medicine.

Check out this graphic to see why liver health is at the root of so many things related to your overall health:

Don’t miss this docu-class series. It’s one of the best we’ve ever seen produced. Here are a few real testimonials from people who have already watched the series:

“I absolutely loved the format and content of the Fatty Liver Docu-Class. I was flat out taking notes all the way through and I’m a seasoned health researcher so it’s not common for me to hear so much I didn’t know all in one place. Thank you so much for presenting this. The information is vital and so relevant for so many people. God bless you.” – Debra M.

“Thank you with abundant gratitude for the Fatty Liver Docu-Class. What a wealth of information! Thank you for selecting the experts you did, and for the curious, non-interruptive style of interviewing. You and they are part of a healthcare transformation. I couldn’t be happier!” – Ellen H.

“All I can say is ‘Wow’. This is truly an incredible Docu-Class on the liver and I appreciate all of this increased, detailed clarity on it, so much.  This is truly incredible!” – Lynn M.

“Thanks for the incredible documentary! I was diagnosed 8 months ago with end stage liver disease and given 3 months to live without a liver transplant. I was told there was nothing I could do, hope for one or die. Thankful I refused to accept that and went on my own journey of discovery. I am now off the transplant list! I’m so happy others have this information available!” – Michelle B.

Watch the video trailer at this link to learn the full details about this extraordinary series. It all starts in just a few days, so register now to watch the full interviews at no cost.

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