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Valentine's Day cards for scientists

Perhaps this is to do with the fact that the stereotype of scientists is that they are cold, logical, unromantic types, so why would anyone waste their time sending them a card which declares their romantic intentions? Of course, this is nonsense …

Is truth stranger than fiction? Yes, especially for science fiction

From warp drives to hyperspace, science fiction has continuously borrowed from, and sometimes anticipated, the state of the art in scientific progress. This has resulted in the perception that science and science fiction have a causal relationship, one …

What's the Coolest Science Fact You Know?

Did you know polar bear fur is transparent? Or that gravity is the weakest fundamental force in the universe? How about that single bolt of lightning contains enough energy to to toast about 100,000 slices of bread? We want YOUR favorite science facts!

Science vs. politics

Panelists at the Kennedy School believe the ongoing debate over climate change is a matter of politics, not science. “It's a story about government regulation, about organizations that take a position against government's role in the marketplace,” said …

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