Laptop or tablet? Brydge the gap with Bluetooth iPad keyboard case


We all like to carry our gadgets around with us, but there are certainly times when being ultra-portable is apropos to the activity at hand. Say, vacation. I want to be able to take along just my iPad, or perhaps get some writing done in the local coffee shop — and the trendy ones usually have tiny tables that aren’t big enough for a full laptop.

The BrydgeAir iPad keyboard case is an impressive Bluetooth accessory and a fantastic match for the iPad Air. The keyboard allows me to be a bit more productive than I would without an actual keyboard, turning my iPad into a small, MacBook-like, laptop-style tablet.

Two versions are available — the BrydgeAir and the BrydgeMini, depending on the size of your iPad — packing tons of unique features to stand out against a slew of rival keyboard cases.


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