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Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Dubai

There’s a major issue regarding misinformation and a lack of education about the Middle East. You might not think about Dubai, one of the world’s fastest-growing cities every day, but after reading this list you’ll be sure to give this incredible city a second thought.

With a growing population of 6 million people and an ever-increasing cityscape, Dubai is becoming one of the world’s most popular destinations. Located in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is not only hot in temperature; it’s hot in terms of popularity. You won’t believe some of the amazing things that are being built in Dubai every year. Read on to learn about the incredible sites and features Dubai has to offer. Who knows? You might just find yourself planning your next vacation after reading!

Human-Made Landscapes

You might not realize it, but Dubai has multiple manmade islands in its territory. In fact, the city of Dubai has two such islands: The Palm Jumeirah and The Palm Jebel Ali. Both islands are made to look like palm trees, which is pretty amazing if you can get a birds-eye view of them. However, neither of the islands are completely finished. As you might imagine, it’s quite a job to make an island. The process of making these islands is called the World Islands Project and is currently underway.

The World Islands Project is actually a project in which 300 small islands will be laid and created to form a world map from above. Amazingly, every country, region, and many notable landmarks will be rendered into an island throughout this incredible project. In 2008, the World Islands Project had to take a break due to major financial issues. However, when the project began in 2005 the islands were estimated to cost $13 billion. At this time, not very many islands have been completed yet, but the project continues to move forward and one day we just might be able to see it!

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