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ICYMI: Top 5 stories this week

ICYMI: Top 5 stories this week

#ICYMI – In Case You Missed It
Didn’t have time to open every email this week? We’ve got you covered.

Here are five stories catching the attention of health enews readers.

1. Pee problems are more common than you think

  • A sports medicine physician offers advice on how to deal with urinary incontinence and explains who’s most often affected.

2. What’s living on your toothbrush?

  • Micro-organisms like bacteria, germs, fungi and even viruses can find themselves at home in your toothbrush. Tips to keep it clean.

3. Do you need routine full-body skin cancer screenings?

  • A panel of medical experts concludes there is not enough evidence to prove the exams help reduce the number of deaths from melanoma.

4. These two factors can triple your risk for depression

  • An estimated 15 million Americans suffer from depression. Understanding who’s most at risk is the key to early intervention.

5. What you should know about going to the eye doctor

  • Visiting the right doctor at the right time is critical for eye health. Learn why.enjoy the weekend concept on blackboard

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