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Iconic Landmarks Around The World

Throughout human’s longstanding history on planet Earth, historians have cited the might and power of our many architectural marvels. These landmarks exist in every corner of the globe, despite wars, the environment, or a myriad of other crippling factors. Whether they still stand tall or have since crumbled to the earth, their remains tell a story.

The Flatiron Building Then

New York City’s Flatiron Building has been widely regarded as one of the most unique structures in the world but that wasn’t always the goal. The initial purpose of the building was simply intended to be an office space for the Chicago-based contracting firm, George A. Fuller Company. The distinct, triangular shape of the Flatiron Building was designed by Chicago architect Daniel Burnham and was built in 1902.

Getty Images Photo by Chicago Sun

Interestingly enough, it was this unique design that allowed the building to fit perfectly on the wedge-shaped property where the Flatiron Building still stands today. Standing at 22 stories high, and 307 feet tall, the Flatiron never earned the acclaim of New York City’s tallest building but is still considered one of the most dramatic-looking buildings of the Big Apple.

The Flatiron Building Today

Today the Flatiron building is surrounded by the multitude of massive, dramatic skyscrapers that make up the world-renowned Manhattan skyline. The oddly shaped workspaces — many of which are located at the very corner of the Flatiron building — are actually some of the most coveted office spaces in the entire building.  Another interesting quirk about the building is that its gendered bathrooms are placed on alternating floors.

Getty Images Photo By Francis Ty

Here, the Men’s restrooms can be found on the even floors of the building, while the Women’s restrooms are located on the odd floors. The reason? According to the History Channel, the answer to this question dates back to the first opening days of the building. It was during this time that, the designers of the building realized that they had forgotten to include any ladies’ restrooms. To fix the issue, management resolved to designate bathrooms for men and women on alternating by floors.

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