How to Make a Traveler’s Notebook


How to Make a Traveler’s Notebook

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173-365 (Year 7) My notebook
Image by ♔ Georgie R
Many people have viewed my photos of pages in my Pocket Filofax notebook and a lot have kindly commented on the handwriting. Here I come clean, it is not all neatness within the covers. Here are two pages from the "general" section in which I keep day-to-day notes – scrawled through when they are no longer needed. These pages are soon to be consigned to a drawer with the bundle of old notes which go back to June 1988, when my children gave me a six ring pocket binder as a Fathers’ Day present. Neither they nor I knew at the time what a super present that was and how it would go on from strength to strength. This is the fourth binder but some of the pages were first written on over twenty years ago.

As you see, my writing is not at all neat and some figures are written upside down. The other end of the notebook is kept that way up for addresses, accounts, photographic notes, books to consider etc ?

Inside my Traveler’s Notebook
Image by koalazymonkey
1 of the way to get ideas flowing, is to pump in some coffee into the body. Cant stop drawing when the first picture kicks in.

Drawing on my notebooks – I start learning on how to draw lately. It allows me to understand my ideas easily, and give me flow to more ideas.

Next, I will learn, how to write.

Photo taken with iphone, Camerabag – Magazine.

Why Is The MacBook A NoteBook?

Why is the white MacBook a notebook?

Notebook best answer:

Answer by Joshua Clemons
‘Notebook’ is a term for a certain size range of laptop computers. So a MacBook is a Notebook because it is within the accepted standards of what is considered a ‘notebook’ computer.

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