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How to Increase Energy with Nutrition

How to Increase Energy

No More Sluggish Feeling!

Feeling like you had to literally drag your butt out of bed or simply be able to think on your feet which thousands of tasks flying at you requires a lot of energy and although a huge amount can be attributed to getting a good nights sleep, energy also plays a big part in helping you stay on top of your fitness goals.

Luckily for us we can definitely use a smart strategic nutrition plan to keep our energy up and allow us to trim down or add lean muscle whichever your current goal is.

Simply put, what you put in your body determines what you get out of it. This article looks at a number of nutritional power supplements that will drastically improve your energy level. These are my top 10 picks…so get ready, because even a few of them will make you feel like an entirely new person!

How to Increase Energy: Top 10 Dietary Supplements

Energy Booster #1: Matcha Green Tea – Matcha green tea is one of the most powerful, all-natural energy supplements you can find. It’s packed full of healthy antioxidants and just enough caffeine to get you moving! Plus, it has a calming effect to balance things out. Check it out here – Magic Matcha Green Tea.

Energy Booster #2: Multivitamin – A multivitamin supplement not only supports your overall health, but it also supports energy especially when you are in a state of caloric deficit and trying to reduce your weight. I think in this case it’s also especially important to take a multi that is focused on your sex as women and men have different vitamin requirements – Optimum Opti-Women or Optimum Opti-Men.

Energy Booster #3: Protein Bars – Protein and energy bars are extremely effective at supporting energy, particularly just before a workout. While protein keeps you feeling full and satisfied, the carbs help fuel your exercises. One trick that I implement all the time is just to split the bars into half and separate by an hour or so to keep my blood sugar levels more stable and also reduce the chance of the calories being stored as fat. My favorite options for bars are: Organic Food Protein Bars and Promax Protein Bars or .

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