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How Plastic Wrap Can Protect Your Toiletries While Flying

A vintage-looking suitcase open with clothes, shoes, and toiletries inside.

We all love the joy of jumping on a plane for a fun vacation. But it’s frustrating to arrive at your destination to find sticky shampoo covering most of your clothes.

The next time you fly, use plastic wrap to prevent your toiletries from making a mess in your suitcase.

Air pressure changes in the plane can cause your toiletries to expand. It doesn’t take much for the liquid to leak through the bottle and spill all over your luggage. Plastic wrap is a convenient kitchen staple that can contain the mess.

Simply cut small pieces of plastic wrap to cover the lid of your toiletry. Place the lid back on top to secure the adhesive. This way, if your body wash tries to leak through the bottle, the plastic wrap will contain most of the gooey liquid.

This simple, affordable hack is a great way to keep your suitcase clean, so you don’t have to make an unexpected trip to the laundromat. Securing your toiletries with plastic wrap is just one of the clever ways to keep your toiletries from leaking in your travel bag.

If airport security tends to add a little more stress to your travels, you can also pack solid toiletries to make going through TSA a breeze.

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