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Here is Why You Should Never, Ever Replace Your Car’s Engine Oil With WD-40

When teenage boys get bored, they don’t have very many things to do. One thing they can do, however, is toy around with cars. And if said teenagers tend to have a YouTube channel, than “toying around” can get pretty extreme. Most people don’t just decide to experiment by putting random things in their car’s engine. But that’s exactly what these teens decided to do for fun one day. So, the plan was born, they would dump a whole lot of WD-40 into their car and keep their fingers crossed that it didn’t explode with them inside of it.

Of course, this story would have been all over the news if that were the outcome of this little test, but that doesn’t mean they’ll pull it off, either. Still, they were determined to try, and if it seems dangerous and dumb it’s because it is. Let’s see what happens when you replace the oil in your engine with several cans of WD-40.  This can’t be good, that’s for sure.

Pondering the Decision

This kid looks like he’s deep in thought. And, he probably is, considering what he’s doing there in the first place. The first step to the “WD-40 in my car” experiment is to go and pick up enough of it to replace the engine oil. Because maybe they’re thinking that if it’s full it actually has a chance of working? Little does he know he’s about to have a really, really bad day.

But here you can see the optimistic innocence on his face as he thinks about what he and his friends are about to do. Standing in the aisle at the Home Depot, he gets ready to grab as many bottles as they’ve got in stock.

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