Google Rolls Out Yoga Info Cards


Googling yoga poses has likely been a regular practice for a lot of yogis out there, especially for the Sankskrit. How DO you spell utthita hasta padangusthasana? What’s astavakrasana mean, again? But now Google, ever the yoga fans, have done you one better. Now when you search for a pose you get a handy little pop-up showing you pictures, telling you what muscles are being used and even what poses are good for prep.

Rolled out by Google Hong Kong, the new “cards” as they call them in Googlespeak, seem helpful because they provide more info than your average shot in the dark web search and it’s all conveniently located in a tidy package.

Via 9to5Google:

When users search for a pose, a card with the pose’s Sanskrit name and other ways it’s known as will appear. The card also shows multiple pictures of the pose from Image Search and it also tells you what muscles are getting worked out and which part of your body is being strengthened. It also links to what poses one should do to prepare for the current one and which you should do after.

However, it’s not perfect. For instance, right now “Crow pose” and “crane pose” searches generate the usual stream of Google web results. Only a search for “bakasana” produces their little handy card. Also, most of the info seems to be pulled from Wikipedia, which is fine, but it’s not exactlyLight On Yoga. Still, helpful in a pinch – a mayurasana.

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