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Google Maps Can Help You Find the Best Charger for Your EV

Google Maps on phone in a car

While plenty of excellent EV charging station apps are available these days, most of us already have Google Maps on our phones. Thankfully, Google recently announced some helpful Map updates just in time for the holidays, and one will help you find the fastest compatible charger for your EV.

The latest Google Maps update adds some neat tools for users across the board. Some of those include improved Live Views for pedestrians and areas with wheelchair access, stair-free locations, and much more.

However, we’re also excited about the new feature for those with an electric vehicle. Now, you can easily search for, find, and filter search results and quickly charge your electric car. When searching for a charging station, you’ll notice several options to tailor the experience to your vehicle.

Google Maps EV charging stations

For example, Google Maps will let you filter out any slow chargers, then navigate you to nearby fast charging stations. Or, more importantly, owners can filter charging station results by compatible plugs and ports. So if you need a fast charger with a CCS port, Google has you covered.

Then, Google Maps will only show compatible charging stations on the map for you to choose from and get directions. These are easily accessible with buttons right at the top, rather than requiring users to dig into the “more filters” tab while on the road.

According to the blog post, this new electric car Google Maps feature is available around the globe on both iOS and Android. So, give it a try during your upcoming holiday travels.

via AndroidPolice

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