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Girl Arrested for Finding a Rare 14th Century Coin

As children we dream of uncovering a buried treasure. Whether playing in the sand at the beach or digging tunnels in the backyard dirt, hours and hours can be spent at the task without ever realizing the time. One child, a British girl named Kate Harding did just that. She dug up a buried treasure in her own backyard. She was 9 years old at the time. Sadly, instead of a windfall, it brought her a trove of misfortune.

What would you do if you found a precious bit of treasure in your backyard? Would you hide it away and keep it for yourself? Or would you turn it in to the authorities? Before you answer, you should hear this girl’s story.

Gardening with Mom

This unlikely tale of one girl’s misfortune all started in an equally unlikely place, the backyard of her childhood home. It was a happy day. Spending time in the garden with mum was one of Kate’s fondest memories as a child.

Getty Images Photo by GALI TIBBON

One early spring day, Kate and mum were in the garden. This time of year, the two of them were often found there, turning the beds to make way for pretty spring blooms. But this day was like no other. Kate found something in the dirt.

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