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Get Better Sleep: 5 Foods Keeping You Up at Night

5 Foods that are Keeping You Up at Night

Time to Freaking Get a Better Sleep Already!

I’ve always been amazed by the complex relationship between sleep and diet.

When you get poor sleep it’s incredible how much it can impact your day, everything from productivity to energy to your mood get impacted in a big way. But sometimes we forget that what we eat has a big part in this.

A handful of foods can actually interfere with your ability to fall and stay asleep. You’ll see some pretty big improvements by avoiding these foods later in the day, and in the end, it’s a pretty simple solution to your sleep problems.

Here are the culprits…

The 5 Top Foods that Can Interfere with Your Sleep

Hidden Caffeine – I’m sure you already know to avoid coffee or pop before bed, since caffeine is one of the worst things to consume later in the day. It can keep you from falling asleep, or even lead you to wake up unable to sleep. But there’s a lot of hidden caffeine to look for, so start checking your labels.

A big one for me was decaf coffee, which you would think should go without thought but unfortunately a recent study has found most to still contain enough caffeine to interfere with sleep.  Other culprits include chocolate, non-cola sodas, energy drinks and pain relievers.

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