From Phone Niches to Pagers, These House Features and Items Are Completely Obsolete

Just like everything else, homes go through different eras. A lot of older homes tend to have strange details and different features that newer homes leave out, and for good reason – newer developments have left them obsolete. But the quirks sometimes last for us to discover later.

Some of them are hidden and hard to find, but some jump out at you and leave you befuddled. Sometimes, however, these old features can be reused in new ways, so read on, and learn about the history of a few interesting house features.

Operator, Get Me the Future!

Not too long ago, every home had a phone landline. Even so recent as a single decade the chances of walking into a home and finding a landline was pretty high. Going even further back, phones were bulkier, heavier, and needed more room, which is why some homes boast huge phone niches in their walls.

Home builders didn’t foresee tiny, science-fiction computers in every pocket. If you still have a landline, there’s no reason not to use this handy cubby, but if you don’t they’re perfect places to leave purses, backpacks, lunchboxes, or mail. Or, fill it up with a potted plant!

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