Early Google Pixel 8 Leaks Suggest a Powerful Hardware Upgrade

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Google’s Pixel 7 smartphone is still relatively new, but we’re already starting to see the first Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro leaks. If the latest alleged rumors are accurate, the next flagship phones from Google will have even more power.

While we’re not expecting a Google Pixel 8 release until October of 2023, some publicly available source code hints at two new Google phones codenamed “Shiba” and “Husky,” according to WinFuture. The leak doesn’t expressly state which devices these are, but all the information lines up quite nicely.

Both of Google’s upcoming phones, codenamed Husky and Shiba, will reportedly come with the latest 3rd gen Tensor processor, 12GB of RAM, and are already running a version of the unannounced Android 14 release. As a comparison, the budget Pixel 7 and Google’s flagship Pixel 7 Pro only come with 8GB of RAM, suggesting next year will see a big hardware upgrade.

The leaks also share a few details about the display resolution, further suggesting the Pixel 8 series. The screen details mention that “Shiba” has a 2268 x 1080p display, likely the Pixel 8. In comparison, “Husky” is a bigger device with a 2822 x 1344 HD resolution.

And while there’s a slight possibility one of these could be a Pixel 7a, Google typically only releases one A-series device, which is why all speculation is on these being the flagship Pixel 8 family. With a new 3rd-gen processor and 12GB of RAM, these should be powerful high-end phones built to compete. For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

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