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Drinking green tea often helps to delay aging

We often see the advertising of green tea, then what is the effect of green tea, and what is the advantage of drinking green tea for the human body?

1 helps to delay aging

Green team has a strong antioxidant and physiological activity, which is the body’s scavengers. According to the relevant departments study that the excess remove performance of harmful to human body 1 mg is to equivalent to 9 micrograms (SOD), much higher than other similar material. There is a blocking reaction to clear the role of active enzymes. According to the results of the Japanese Okuda Takuyong test, confirmed the anti-aging effect of tea polyphenols 18 times stronger than vitamin E.


2, help to inhibit cardiovascular disease

Tea polyphenols play an important role in fat metabolism. The body’s cholesterol, triglyceride and other is in high levels, blood vessel wall fat deposition, and vascular cell proliferation after the formation of atherosclerotic plaques and other cardiovascular diseases. Tea polyphenols, especially tea polyphenols and catechins in ECG and EGC and etc., help make this porphyritic hyperplasia was inhibited the formation of reduced blood coagulation enhanced coagulation, clear and inhibit.

3, contribute to the prevention and treatment of cancer

Tea polyphenols can block a variety of sub in vivo synthesis, and has a direct killing effect and improve the effectiveness of the body immunity. According to the relevant information, tea polyphenols (mainly catechins), are beneficial for a variety of cancer prevention and adjuvant therapy.

Green Tea although contains a lot of good benefit but not all people are suitable for tea drinking, such as pregnant women, children or elderly people are not suitable to drink tea or Green Tea.

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