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Dr. Chris Shoemaker: World needs to make more ivermectin available this winter TO SAVE LIVES

Dr. Chris Shoemaker recently warned that ivermectin needs to be readily available now more than ever as the immune systems of millions of people all over the world become more vulnerable this winter, especially in countries with high rates of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination.

Shoemaker, a clinical physician in Toronto, noted that governments and their people must stop promoting and injecting themselves with “damaging immune agents” being marketed as life-saving medicines and instead make ivermectin readily available. People in highly vaccinated countries who are about to experience severe winters will be the most vulnerable to diseases. This is why more ivermectin is necessary. (Related: STUDY: Ivermectin reduces COVID death risk by 92%.)

Since the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, even before the arrival of the rushed and experimental vaccines, evidence already overwhelmingly proved that ivermectin was an effective treatment for the coronavirus.

Healthcare practitioners regularly prescribed ivermectin as an off-label medication because medical authorities in the United States, like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Association, refused to allow labeling ivermectin as a medication for treating COVID-19.

Since 2020, many articles and so-called studies have been spread by mainstream media outlets claiming that ivermectin is not effective in helping COVID-19 patients recover from their conditions.

“Among outpatients with mild to moderate COVID-19, treatment with ivermectin, compared with placebo, did not significantly improve time to recovery… These findings do not support the use of ivermectin in patients with mild to moderate COVID-19,” concluded one so-called scientific study by researchers from the Duke University School of Medicine.

Shoemaker spent last two years lobbying lawmakers to allow ivermectin use for COVID-19 patients

Despite all of its detractors, Shoemaker still believes in the healing benefits of ivermectin, which he explained has been proven time and again to prevent people with viral diseases from developing into severe cases.

Shoemaker spent the past two years pleading with lawmakers from the U.S. and Canada to follow the example of Pakistan, Mexico, Japan, countries in Africa and several American states where ivermectin is freely available for COVID-19 patients and has led to dramatically lower hospitalization and death rates.

Perhaps just as importantly, Shoemaker believes the COVID-19 vaccines need to be put to a stop.

He said it is vital to prevent children from taking “immune damaging agents” like the COVID-19 vaccines. According to Shoemaker, the vaccines will make children dependent on doctors for the rest of their lives and multiply their risk of experiencing deadly diseases.

“The immune system doesn’t get its innate immunity if it’s interfered with in a way like this in years four, five, six, seven, eight and nine of life,” said Shoemaker in an interview. “There’s some recovery possible, but there’s certainly not recovery possible if you’re having a second and a third and a fourth jab into a child.”

He ultimately warned: “You are making their cancer risk for a lifetime soar. You’re making their risk of getting autoimmune diseases like lupus and others soar by getting the shots.”

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