DIY YouTubers Build a Foldable iPhone

"iPhone V" prototype on a white background.

Recent rumors suggest that there may be a foldable Apple product in our future. However, China-based The Aesthetics of Science and Technology isn’t waiting for the Cupertino giant to make a foldable iPhone. The team decided to build one themselves and showed off the results on YouTube. They call their creation “iPhone V.”

The 17-minute-long video goes into the fine details of how these engineers created their foldable iPhone. They used parts from a spare Motorola Razr, several iPhone models, and custom 3D-printed parts. The year-long product yielded a prototype that appears to be functional. It folds in half, runs a jail-broken version of iOS, and boasts foldable features like split-screen mode.

As you might expect, some compromises needed to be made. The iPhone V has a smaller battery, lacks wireless charging, and only has one speaker. But the biggest flaw is the enormous gap between the touch screen and the hinge when the device folds. You can practically see daylight through the device. But that shouldn’t be too shocking since the team lacks the specialized equipment and resources that a mega-corporation like Apple has at its disposal.

While this prototype is interesting and may be a glimpse of things to come, you probably shouldn’t try this on your new iPhone 14. These engineers have the technical know-how and a lot of resources at their disposal. You’d almost certainly break your thousand-dollar device beyond repair. And it’s a fair bet that trying to turn your smartphone into a sandwich isn’t covered by AppleCare.

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