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đi shopping “cầm nhầm” ipad mini của chủ shop

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I pawned my ipad 3 months ago and getting it out in two weeks and was woundering will my ipad have problems?

I pawned my ipad2 3 months ago to help my mom out and im getting it out in 3 weeks when i get paid and i was woundering Will my ipad 2 have problems such as the battery and other electrical problems since i haven’t cut it on also i dont know if the lady at the pawn shop cut my ipad off so idon’tt know if my ipad will work once i get it out:( Someone please answer my question ? THANKS.

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Answer by Rishabh
Ipad’s are durable.initially you won’t have a problem.but i can’t say if it would work properly because of your pawning.but as it has a unibody,it would be difficult for her(not impossible)to touch any of the internals.i recommend to get it back as early as possible.also run some ios upgrades like upgrading to ios.6 .also if battery is lesser don’t charge immediately.let it drain to 0% and then charge it fully.you won’t have any problems.

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