Chanel’s Long-lasting Polish Is So Great

I love Chanel polishes, but they’ve never been what you’d call “long-wear.” Recently, though, Chanel heeded the pleas of internet reviewers and reformulated their entire polish range to become long-lasting and better than ever.

Le Gel Coat in particular is a must-buy. Despite the name, the top coat dries without UV light. When I added it as a final step on top of a drugstore nail polish, it made my nails literally chip-free for seven days, and nearly chip-free for an additional week.

The gel coat goes on evenly without looking gloppy, and it’s formulated with bioceramics and ceramides, alleged to strengthen and improve nails. All 16 of the original shades, including Vamp, have the same reformulation, making this just one more luxurious beauty option that doesn’t cost more than last night’s Seamless order.

Chanel Le Top Coat, $28 at

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