Can the Retina MacBook Pro with Intel Haswell benefit from “ lower ” IT …

Can the Retina MacBook Pro with Intel Haswell benefit from “ lower ” IT

MacBook Pro
Laptop experts believe that Apple is now treating its MacBook Air as the only low-end product running Mac OS X, while the Retina MacBook Pro, most likely with Intel Haswell, will take the top-end spot. Can the MacBook Pro lure some so-called “IT buyers …

This is What the MacBook Pro's Force Field Looks Like [Photos]

MacBook Pro
Designers Luke Sturgeon and Shamik Ray from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design have managed to visualize the force field of magnetic and electric charges being emitted from the MacBook, reports Wired. To obtain the images Sturgeon and …

Next – Generation 13 – Inch MacBook Pro Benchmarked with Modest

MacBook Pro
As with the Mac Pro, this MacBook Pro appears under a code name of "AAPLJ44,1" and appears to correspond to a 13" MacBook Pro, and while it is not exactly clear whether it refers to a Retina or non-Retina model, the two machines would perform roughly …

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display review

MacBook Pro
The good: The unprecedented high-resolution screen on the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display makes images — even simple text — look beautifully clear. Despite a redesigned, lightweight body, the powerful components, including an Nvidia GPU, …

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