Can I transfer my Kindle books to an Ipad3?

Apple Ipad 3

Can I transfer my Kindle books to an Ipad3?

I’ve been waiting for “Kindle Fire-2” but more and more people tell me I should simply get an Apple Ipad-3. I know it will probably cost more than a Fire-2, but it will probably have more features.
Any thoughts on my delemma?

Apple Ipad 3 best answer:

Answer by SteveO
Download the Kindle app, and then log in…that will give you access to your Kindle library.

Amazing screen, Great 3D graphics, Good Battery Life, Rear-facing camera

Apple Ipad 3
When Apple unveiled the new iPad in the middle of March 2012, many of the features weren't much of a surprise. We were greeted by a high-resolution Retina Display, improved graphics performance, a better camera and faster connectivity. What was more …

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