Brave Search Is Truly a Unique Search Engine Now

Brave search engine.

Brave Search launched nearly two years ago as an in-house private search engine, but Bing still provided a lot of search queries. Now, the company is proud to announce that it’s completely Bing-free, private, and independent.

This week Brave revealed that all of its search results are now served by its own index, with zero reliance on Microsoft’s Bing. At first, roughly 13% of search queries were provided by Bing, which it eventually managed to cut in half. And while that’s certainly better than most, now it’s down to zero.

The web browser is touting its privacy-preserving search engine as an alternative to “Big Tech” and was quick to call out other options like DuckDuckGo for being powered by Google and Bing’s APIs.

While Brave has been busy working towards a completely independent search index for a while now, it couldn’t have come at a better time. That’s because Microsoft recently raised its prices for the Bing API, likely due to the addition of AI.

However, Brave did mention that the elimination of Bing “may have an effect for certain queries, or for some regional or language-specific results.” Still, the company claims it’s now the fastest-growing search engine and handles nearly 22 million daily queries.

The search engine and its query results will improve over time and will continue to deliver higher-quality answers. Plus, Brave plans to offer its own Search API for others to use.

Source: Brave

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