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Stop the bloat with these slimming strategies

Fed up of feeling uncomfortable after eating a meal? And the thought of wearing that tight summer dress puts you into a stampede of panic? Safe to say you are not the only one! So, you’re on the quest for a flat tum?   It’s time to beat the bloaty blues with our top bloated stomach solutions:

Little and often

Keep your meals small and regular. A big meal sitting in the stomach will produce a pot-bellied look even for the slimmest person, whereas eating little and often won’t overtax your digestive system, and is less likely to spoil your silhouette in that LBD. But good news for baked bean-lovers – plant-breeding programs have made these beans lower in raffinose, the sugar that causes wind.

Get in balance

An imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the gut can also cause bloating, so top up with a healthy probiotic yoghurt or drink. Take a little care at first though, as sometimes probiotics can unsettle things digestion-wise, at least temporarily. If you’ve been overdoing refined carbs, swap to smaller portions of slower-releasing, low-GI types, such as porridge, grainy breads and whole wheat pasta. Swapping some of your carbs for monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) will also help (think nuts rather than pretzels, tahini instead of jam).

Flat tum foods

Great flat-tum-friendly foods are potassium-rich fruit and veg, in particular bananas, beetroot and a daily glass of orange juice. Potassium works its magic by counteracting the water-retaining effects of excess sodium in the body. But you’ll also need to cut down on salty foods to maximize the stomach-flattening impact.

Drink less

Our advice? Never drink alcohol on an empty stomach, and go for spritzers or other alcoholic beverages that have a low ABV percentage to help keep your stomach trim. Instead drink plenty of water to aid digestion and flush out waste matter more efficiently.

Put down the chewing gum 

When we chew gum, we often swallow excess air which leads to bloating. Avoid it altogether where possible!

Avoid stress 

There’s a clear link between stress and digestive health. Why not go for a run to de-stress, or book in to that much-needed yoga class?

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