Best Laptops for College Students

College students have unique needs when it comes to the choice of laptops. They want a laptop where they can easily store their music, watch movies, create and share files, store class notes, process data, and some other crazy stuff. They also want something portable which they can carry to and from class. Because most of the students are not working, or have low income, they need something affordable. Price is therefore an important factor when students want to buy a laptop. Most students also want to access the internet every now and then as they access their college online library, or as they research for information and academic materials to tackle their college assignments. They also want something fast in performance and generally reliable. The following is the list of top 5 Best Laptops for College Students which have the features that students like and are available at affordable price.

Top 5 Best Laptops for College Students

Samsung Chromebook
Dell Inspiron 15
ASUS VivoBook
Apple MacBook Pro
Screen Size 11.6 inches 15.6 inches 14 inches 15.6 inches 13.3 inches
Max Screen Resolution 1366×768 pixels 1366×768 pixels 1366×768 pixels 1920×1080 pixels 1280×800 pixels
Processor 1.7 GHz Exynos 5200 1.8 GHz Intel Processor 2117U 1.7 GHz Core i5-3317U 2.4 GHz Core i7-3630QM 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5
Hard Drive 16 GB eMMC 500 GB SATA 500 GB SATA 1 TB SATA 500 GB
Graphics Coprocessor Integrated Graphics Intel HD Integrated Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 Nvidia GT 635M 2G Intel HD Graphics 4000
Wireless Type 802.11abgn 802.11bgn 802.11bgn 802.11bgn 802.11bgn
Number of USB 2.0 Ports 1 1 2 2
Number of USB 3.0 Ports 1 2 1 4 2
Average Battery Life 6.5 hours 3.5 hours 5 hours 4 hours 7 hours
Weight 2.4 pounds 2.1 pounds 4 pounds 5 pounds 4.5 pounds
Touchscreen No No Yes No No
Ratings 4.1 4.0 4.1 4.0 4.5
Awards #1 Best Selling on Amazon – Best Laptops Under $500 – Best Laptops 2013
– Best Laptops Under $1000
– Best 14 inch Laptop
– Best Laptops Under $1000 – Best Laptops 2013
– Best 15 inch Laptop
– Best 13 inch Laptop
Discount Price buy-now4 buy-now1 buy-now buy-now2 buy-now3

Samsung Chromebook


It’s a GREAT web surfing machine, and if you’ve bought in to Google Apps like we have, all your files and office apps are easily accessed in the cloud anyway. | Sean M.

The Samsung Chromebook is one of the best laptops for college students in spite of the fact that it does not run on the conventional Operating Systems Windows 8, Ubuntu, Mac, Linux, or other. Instead, this laptop does one thing of running the Google Chrome web browser. Now, the Samsung Chromebook is REALLY CHEAP! It is actually cheaper than most of the conventional laptops you will find in the market.

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Dell Inspiron 15 i15RV-6190BLK


I am happy with the computer, would buy it again, and with the considerations of use in mind I would recommend it to others. | BigdoginTexas

The Dell Inspiron 15 i15RV-6190BLK is one of the best laptops for college students because it is big on the features that users need but not on the price. Many students can afford it by making little savings from their student loans. As a student, you can manage you daily tasks with this affordable laptop. It features the latest Intel Pentium Processors and as you would expect for all the computers with that description, then the Dell Inspiron 15 i15RV-6190BLK is pretty fast. It also has an ultra thin design and stylish. It is the ideal choice for students in various colleges and universities who want something which can perform many tasks without hurting their wallets.

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ASUS VivoBook S400CA-DH51T


I am very happy with the product the build quality is great as well. | J. Merritt

ASUS is one of the global manufacturers who have been keen on offering the best laptops for college students at affordable prices. The ASUS brand has gained a lot of popularity all over the world, become one of top 10 laptop brands because of its innovation. The ASUS VivoBook S400CA-DH51T has all the features that a student needs. This laptop differs from the other laptops in its category because it has multi-touch capabilities. It is gadget that will give you pride and peace of mind as you go about your college daily activities.

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I highly recommend this machine to anyone who wants something that looks good and you can be proud to own. | cjl73

Efficiency and productivity are the two words that can be used to describe ASUS N56VJ-DH71. This notebook PC is well equipped with third generation Intel Core Processor which delivers sufficient power and speed to effectively handle all the everyday computing tasks for college students. College students can store tons of files, applications, downloads, and documents when they choose the ASUS N56VJ-DH71.

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Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL/A


I’m loving my Mac and I recommend for anyone wanting to buy a laptop. | Anton Punith

Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL/A is recommended to all college students out there because it is pretty fast. It is also available at an affordable price that students can afford. The iLife, iPhoto, and iMovie features are simply exciting. They are designed to help users do more with music. Movies and photos the way most students like.

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Not in any particular order, Samsung Chromebook, Dell Inspiron 15 i15RV-6190BLK, ASUS VivoBook S400CA-DH51T, ASUS N56VJ-DH71, and Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL/A are the 5 best laptops for college studentsbecause they have many features that qualify them to be termed as reliable in terms of performance and speed, and their price will not hurt the wallet of most students. To make it to this list a laptop must in addition to low price be fast in processing because students do not have the time to wait for the notebook to execute commands they input especially when lectures are going on. Most of the laptops in this list use next generation graphics which deliver up to 60% faster performance levels.

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