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Are These US Military Bases On Your Radar? You Might Be Surprised Where They’re Hiding!

If you were leading the defense force of your country, would you keep all of your military bases and locations in one spot? Most definitely not! Having a few locations dotted around the world is advantageous, particularly if a quick response is needed for a faraway country. So if you thought the U.S. Military only had bases around America, you’re very wrong.

Whilst some you may have heard of and are based on home soil, there are a few surprises on this list that you may never have heard of. These strategic bases hold elite members and personnel, where they undergo around the clock training, stationed to serve. So here’s a question for our readers: if you were a soldier, where would you want to be stationed? Hint: it doesn’t have to be America…

Eielson AFB – Alaska

Built in 1941, this Alaskan airbase kicks off our list of U.S military bases. Sure, this one is within the United States, but it is somewhat remote. Maybe the U.S government decided they needed a base close to the North Pole, (to keep Santa Claus well protected of course). AFB Eilson is located just outside of the area that’s famously known as the home of Saint Nick and his helpers. But before you decide to set out and find the jolly man, we’ll just remind you that the temperature doesn’t really go above 4 degrees for a quarter of the year.

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If you’re around in the summertime, you’ll find the North Pole likes to party it up. Festivals are hosted during the warmer months, with tourists flocking to see the spectacular Northern Lights. As for the military personnel stationed here, they hopefully find the cold weather agreeable – but if they’re more into sunbaking, they’d perhaps enjoy Miami more!

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