Apple’s $350 Keyboard Causes Controversy Among Critics and Fans

Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro Credit: Apple

Instead of accolades for the device, the company is being criticized.

People are questioning Apple’s rationale for releasing a highly-priced keyboard when the world is facing the threat of a global recession and a viral epidemic.

The new Magic keyboard will cost $300 for the 11-inch iPad Pro model and $350 for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro compatible model. The MSRP isn’t cheap, especially when you can purchase a regular Magic Keyboard or a Magic Trackpad separately for significantly less money.

iPad owners also can turn to third-party companies like Brydge, which is selling a combined keyboard and trackpad with a price tag starting at $199.

Apple is known for its high-priced accessories, so the cost of the Magic Keyboard with Trackpad should not be alarming.

For many, its not necessarily the price tag, but the timing.

With a global pandemic and possible recession, people are questioning whether launching the device at this point is prudent.

The new Magic Keyboard with Trackpad will bring a Mac-like experience to the iPad, with right-click functionality, tap-to-click, multiple cursors, and more. It‘s available now for pre-order on Apple’s website.

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