Apple Watch 2 rumoured to have FaceTime camera, less dependence on iPhone


While Apple’s marketing and distribution team is working hard to bring their Apple Watch on as many as wrists as possible, the product design team at Apple is already working on the next generation Apple Watch 2.

Mark Gurman from 9to5Mac who is generally spot on with Apple-related leaks claims that the Apple Watch 2 will come sometime in 2016.

As for the improvements, the Apple Watch 2 could integrate a video camera for FaceTime video calls. Another feature the report claims is less dependence of Apple Watch 2’s on iPhone. In short, a tether-less experience. Some of the features on the Watch 2 won’t require it to be connected to the iPhone but will require a working Wi-Fi connection.

Ironically, the most important thing – battery life will be more or less similar to what we have for the Apple Watch.

As always, take rumours with a pinch of salt considering Apple can delay or discard all the aforementioned improvements for the next Apple Watch.

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