Apple iTunes Radio Grabbing Some Pandora Business

Apple iTunes Radio Grabbing Some Pandora Business

Apple iTunes
Internet radio service Pandora Media (P) isn't losing many customers to Apple's (AAPL) new rival service, but some listeners are trying out the rival iTunes Radio. About 6.6% of all Pandora listener hours have shifted to Apple's new service, according …

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Apple iTunes
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Ad for Apple's redesigned Remote iOS app appears briefly on iTunes Store

Apple iTunes
A banner advertisement has been spotted on Apple's Colombian iTunes Store showing what appears to be a redesigned icon for Apple's Remote iOS app, hinting that the popular title may soon see an iOS 7-style refresh. Remote. Apple's Remote ad as seen …

Apple의 iTunes에서..
Apple iTunes
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Apple의 iTunes에서 무료로 음악을 배포하고 있음. (단, iTunes의 미국 계정이 필요함.) posted by 똘똘한성군

Apple iTunes LIES
Apple iTunes
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I’m trying to add 5 MB of photos to what you see.

Apple, your excuse as to why I can’t add 5 MB of JPEG photos to this device?

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