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Anker Just Made a Better AirTag Than Apple

Eufy SmartTrack Link on a keyring

Apple introduced the AirTag in 2021 as a small Bluetooth-powered tag for tracking items for $29. Anker has now introduced a tracker compatible with the same Apple “Find My” network, and it might just be better than Apple’s own AirTag.

One of Anker’s (many) sub-brands, Eufy, has released the “Security SmartTrack Link.” Just like the Apple AirTag, it’s a small battery-powered device that you can attach to objects. You can then check where the tag is on a phone or tablet, and if it’s within range, it can start emitting a noise for easy location. The tag is compatible with Apple’s “Find My” network, so any passing Apple devices will update its location, just like Apple’s own AirTag. It’s water-resistant (but not water-proof) and uses replaceable CR2032 batteries.

The SmartTrack Link is better than Apple’s tracker in many ways, though. First, it’s cheaper — an AirTag normally costs $29 (or $99 for a four-pack), while the SmartTrack Link costs $19.99. Anker’s version has a hole for attaching to a keyring, while the Apple AirTag requires a separate accessory for the same job, which costs even more money. Even though you can use the SmartTrack Link as a simple AirTag replacement with Apple’s Find My app, it can also pair to Eufy’s own Security app, which also works with Android phones and tablets. Apple’s AirTag is only compatible with Apple products.

The only drawback seems to be that Anker’s tag doesn’t seem to support the AirTag’s “Precision Finding” feature. That allows you to use Bluetooth, the U1 Ultra Wideband chip in some Apple devices, and other hardware to directly point to the tag. You can still make Anker’s tag play a sound, though (either through Find My or Eufy Security), and general location tracking will still work.

The Eufy Security SmartTrack Link is only available from the company’s own store — for now, at least. It costs $19.99, and free shipping is available.

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