Animal Parents We Can Totally Relate To

Parenting can be an exciting task that comes with many ups and downs along the way. While we may look at our parenting routines as something unique to humans, it’s actually common among parents in the wild as well.
While we don’t often compare ourselves to animal parents, as you read through this list these exhausted creatures will make you smile thinking, “Yep, I’ve been there!” Not unlike parents of the human world, these animal parents likely dream about a full-time nanny, a bit of occasional privacy, and an 8-hour long nap! But, that’s unfortunately not how life works in the animal kingdom!

Here You Go

Children are always letting their curiosity get the best of them, but our pets are no better. So, when you have both a cat and a kitten in your home, you can expect that they’re going to be up to no goo more often than not. While this kitty may have had good intentions, perhaps reaching for a treat for both her and mom, it’s more likely that she’s just adding to the chaos.

It’s like when your kid tries to make you breakfast in bed. Their hearts are always in the right place but they tend to leave us with quite the mess to clean up. Fortunately for this kitten, her mom was around to help her reach those snacks. It’s one way parents can bond with their kids!

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