Android Apps you cannot have on your iPhone

We see people flaunting their iPhones like it’s a fashion accessory. And while you have many that can afford an iPhone, the iOS still trails in the apps department that even money can’t buy. Check out some of the apps that are available only on the Android OS and even if they’re on the iOS, the Android version comes with enhanced features.


This app on Android bumps up the security on the phone all the way up to 11. In case, your phone is stolen, this app gives you every possible option to get it back. Other than displaying messages on the phone to remotely wipe the device, this app can do way more. It clicks an image using the front facing camera and sends it to the registered email ID. Rooted phones even allows it to reboot the device and click screenshots that can be mailed to the owner. You’ll probably be thinking about “Find my iPhone” now, but NO! It won’t even do half the stuff Cerberus can.


Tasker is all about automation, you can program your phone to do stuff based on certain conditions. I have tasker on my phone and I’ve set it to switch on my Wi-Fi automatically when I reach home. That’s not all, after it connects to my Wi-Fi network, it disables the PIN lock on the phone. It does everything in the reverse order when I walk out of my home. And this by the way is just the tip of the iceberg, Tasker can do a lot more. Some people have gone ahead and automated their homes using tasker. There are no such apps on iOS that can automate the phone (at least for now). I must admit that Tasker has a steep learning curve but once mastered it makes life a lot easier.


AirDroid is an application that can replace the need for a physical data cable. The app connects the phone to any computer using Wi-Fi and enables users to transfer data wirelessly. While a data cable will tether you to a 1-2m range, this app allows you to roam around with the phone while transferring as long as its in the Wi-Fi coverage area. I know you’d say “cloud” but this app sends the file directly to the folder you choose on the phone locally. On the other end all you need is a web browser installed on the computer. There is also another version called AirDroid V2 that brings the same functionality from anywhere via mobile data. Other than data transfer, you can use it for managing text messages, apps, ringtones, camera, call logs, contacts etc.

Software Data Cable

This app does what it says, it helps to transfer data from one phone to another wirelessly while providing data-cable-like speeds. Android phones have always had the basic functionality of transferring data either via Bluetooth or more recently over the faster Wi-Fi Direct. But unfortunately it has not been that seamless between different handsets. The app fixes it — using Wi-Fi Direct to create a bridge between two phones for the data transfer. Needless to say it needs the software to be installed on both the phones to work but hey, I’ve used it on my Nexus 5 and have been able to transfer data at over 10 Mbps.


Your first reaction, ”HA! I have that on my iPhone”. NOT! Truecaller is available on the iPhone but its far away in terms of functionality when compared to the Android version. The Android version displays contact details as soon as you receive the call something that isn’t as straight forward in iOS. In iOS it works something like this. Good luck clearing out the screenshots from your camera roll every now and then.

This article is contributed by Aditya Shenoy, Associate Editor, Pricebaba. A management graduate, passionate about gadgets and automobiles. Likes to be up to date about the latest things in the tech industry. An avid Android user who Lives to Drive. Follow him on twitter @adishenoy.

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