An Apple Watch Case Will Help You Avoid These Insane Repair Costs

Apple Watch Cases to Avoid Expensive Repairs Credit: Spigen

Whether you’re new to the Apple Watch or have owned one for years, it’s important to recognize that it’ll get banged around. A lot. And if you’re like me, you’ll want to keep your Apple Watch looking fresh, scratch-free, and without a broken screen.

Protecting your Apple Watch will increase its resale value in addition to minimizing your risk of needing expensive repairs.

How Much Does an Apple Watch Repair Cost?

If you didn’t purchase AppleCare+ and need to replace a broken screen, Apple will charge a hefty Out-of-Warranty service fee of at least $199 for the very first Apple Watch Sport. That increases to $800 for the Apple Watch Edition Ceramic (2019).

However, most consumers will need to know that Apple charges $299 to fix the screen of an Apple Watch Series 5 or Series 4 in aluminum, and that increases to $349 if you opted for a Cellular model. See below.

Apple Watch Series 5 Repair Cost

When weighing all of these circumstances, the cost of an Apple Watch case is an incredibly small investment. Here are a few cases that Apple Watch owners should consider. Note that we may earn a commission from products purchased with our links.

Apple Watch Cases to Consider

Otterbox Exo Edge Case

Apple Watch Otterbox Case

Otterbox’s latest Apple Watch cases are available in four unique colors, including Pacific Gloom Grey, Black, Beet Juice Pink, and Sand Stone Beige. These cases will work with all of the Apple Watch bands you already own while protecting it from slams, bumps, scratches, and more. Otterbox is well-known in the industry for its incredibly tough cases. Better yet, this open-air style of bumper won’t cause your Apple Watch’s display to become foggy. Get it here.

Modal Bumpers for Apple Watch 2-Pack

Modal Apple Watch Cases

These Modal Apple Watch cases have a plethora of positive reviews online. They’re a bit sleeker than the cases offered by Otterbox; however, because of that, they might not provide as much protection. Also noted in their online reviews, these cases may wear easily. The most significant benefit of Modal’s Apple Watch case 2-pack is its unusually affordable price point, which may be your biggest purchasing decision factor. Get the 2-pack here.

Spigen Rugged Armor Pro

Spigen Rugged Apple Watch Case

Spigen is also well-known in the technology industry for its exceptional cases, and its latest cases for Apple Watch are no different. This incredibly rugged Apple Watch case has a unique masculine look, which reminds us of the Casio G-Shock. Unsurprisingly, this case features a shock-resistant layer for added protection, carbon fiber accents for a sporty look, and an adjustable wristband. Get it here.

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