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9 Natural treatments for patients with breast cancer

Breast cancer is a serious health problem all over the world. In 2019, there were an estimated 276,480 cases of breast cancer diagnoses in the United States. Furthermore, an estimated 42,260 people—41,760 women and 500 men—will die from breast cancer in the year 2020.

New treatment methods for breast cancer need to be developed to help lower this number. Natural treatments can help cancer patients without causing harmful side effects. Here are nine natural complementary treatments for breast cancer that you should heavily consider trying. (h/t to

Massage therapy

Many people with breast cancer have found that massage therapy helps them relax. Not only that, but it also relieves their pain and anxiety. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health recommends massage therapy not only for improving quality of life but also for relieving stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression.


Reiki is a Japanese spiritual healing practice. The word loosely translates to “universal life energy.” This therapy is based on the idea that a person’s “life energy” can be manipulated using the hands to promote natural healing. According to studies, reiki helps relieve pain and anxiety.


Biofeedback is a therapy that helps people control involuntary body functions, such as muscle tension, blood pressure and heart rate. Research shows that biofeedback therapy can help patients manage the side effects of cancer treatments, as well as the symptoms of breast cancer.


The National Cancer Institute recommends acupuncture as a complementary treatment to chemotherapy. Not only does acupuncture help relieve chemo-related nausea and vomiting, it also helps reduce fatigue, swelling, hot flashes and pain.

Tai chi and qi gong

Tai chi and qi gong are Chinese movement-based exercises that are used in traditional Chinese medicine for health improvement and longevity. The aim of both exercises is to balance the “natural energies” found within the body. These exercises involve a lot of deep breathing and meditation.

Holistic therapies

There are many holistic therapies that can help people with breast cancer. The main aim of holistic therapies is to help the body relax by reducing stress and balancing the patient’s state of mind. Meditation, aromatherapy, art therapy, dance therapy and music therapy are examples of holistic therapies that promote peace.


Medical marijuana has a lot of research surrounding its uses for relieving the painful side effects of cancer treatment. A different study, published in the journal Toxicology Letters, found that cannabidiolic acid (CBD), a major component in cannabis, can have a positive therapeutic effect on aggressive breast cancers.


Reviews suggest that many herbal supplements are beneficial for cancer patients. These herbal remedies include green tea, turmeric, garlic and ginseng. Consuming antioxidant-rich foods will also be helpful for combating oxidative stress.


If you want a truly natural and healthful diet, that can complement your cancer treatment, you should limit your consumption foods that can aggravate your cancer, such as smoked or charred foods, salty foods, high-fat foods and, most importantly, processed meats. (Related: Pilot study explores potential of walnuts for inhibiting breast cancer metastasis.)

A healthy lifestyle is essential for dealing with the side effects and symptoms caused by breast cancer and cancer treatments. For more information on what natural remedies you can use to prevent cancer, head over to

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