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8 fast slimming methods

1, make this sentence “do not eat anything after 8 O’clock” as your motto. So this means you can’t delay your means dinner after 8 O’clock. Arrange your last meal and snacks before bed time, let the body just to digest the food.


2, before dining out, have a drink of protein smoothies (a milk + fruit juice, can add protein powder). Protein flavor does not taste good, but it can let you be full for a period of time, so you will not order a lot of food in the menu.

3, when you go out, parked your car in the little far distance place, so it will make you do a little more walking exercise. If you are used taking a bag when you go out, it would be a good idea that will add your exercise load.


4, give yourself a holiday. Friday is usually the best, because a week hard work past and everyone needs a break. You can eat some food which is restrained during the normal days. Of course your should also not overeating.

5, do some sport in the weekend. Most people can find a lot of reason to refuse doing exercise, but if you are willing to spend a little time at the weekend exercise, you will reach your weight loss goals faster.


6, if you are too lazy to open the stove to cook, you can use microwave oven. To do nutrition breakfast using egg, vegetables, low-fat cheese, will just take your about 10 minutes.

7, thinking your stomach as a fire, if you continue to add fuel into it, then it will continue to burn as a fierce fire. Similarly, after the movement, the fire will burn more prosperous, you put into anything, then it will burn more quickly.

8, often climb the stairs. My office is on the, and from 11 floor to the ground floor, there are 368 stairs (I counter it by myself). If you can go twice every day, you are not far from your weight loss target.


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