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5 Healthy Foods to Keep You Full

5 Healthy Foods to Keep You Full

Shhh…Shut up Stomach!

Without a doubt, hunger is one of the biggest obstacles to dieting success. Frequent cravings, eating out, and fast food can make eating healthy pretty difficult.

But if you’re smart about things, you can totally make choices that not only keep you feeling full, but also help you burn extra calories and fat in the process. Eating healthy shouldn’t leave you feeling unsatisfied. Over time, that lack of satisfaction is going to spell disaster for any health and fitness goal.

If you want to quiet those cravings and still feel good about yourself, these are some great items to start including in your diet today.

5 Healthy Foods to Keep You Satisfied


Fiber is one of the most filling ingredients to look for, and lentils are super high in fiber with over 60% of your daily recommended intake per cup. Lentils are also really high in protein, which is another satisfying and filling ingredient, and if you’re vegan or vegetarian, they qualify as a pretty healthy option. Served hot or cold, they can be used in salads, mixed with rice, or incorporated into a soup or stew.

Both protein and fiber keep you full because they take longer to digest. Fiber is especially satisfying because it actually expands in your stomach!

Split Peas

Split peas are similar to lentils when it comes to fiber content, and they also have a decent dose of protein. They work really well in a soup, or can be added to stews, burgers, and even hummus for some additional flavor.


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