2020’s iPhone 12 Cameras to Feature This New Image Stabilization Tech

iPhone 12 Concept 2020 Credit: Hasan Kaymak

Apple’s two higher-tier smartphones, a 6.1-inch device and a 6.7-inch device, could come equipped with new sensor-shift stabilization, sources in the industry told the Taiwan-based publication.

Specifically, the sensor-shift mechanism could improve image stabilization for the ultra-wide lens on the handsets. The new setup could bring a number of benefits to the iPhone photography experience.


For one, current iPhones rely on optical image stabilization. And they only feature stabilization for the wide-angle and telephoto lens. But since sensor-shift stabilization technology would be applied to the camera sensor itself, it could work across all of an iPhone’s lenses, including the ultra-wide lens.

Additionally, it would also add stabilization to attachable aftermarket lenses installed by users. With computational photography, shifting sensors can also increase general image quality.

The report also corroborates past rumors that both the 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch iPhones would sport triple-lens camera setups with a new 3D time-of-flight camera for improved augmented reality capabilities.

Apple is widely expected to debut at least four iPhones in the fall of next year, likely at a keynote event in September. All four of those devices are rumored to pack OLED displays, 5G compatibility and Apple’s next-generation, A-series chip.

Notably, Apple is expected to introduce two 6.1-inch devices — one lower-end and one flagship — next year. Completing the lineup would be a mid-range 5.4-inch device and a flagship 6.7-inch device.

While the premium 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch devices will sport the triple-lens setups with improved stabilization, the smaller and cheaper handsets are expected to retain a dual-lens camera setup.

The company may also release a new “iPhone SE 2” in the spring that will essentially be an iPhone 8 with updated internals and a cheaper $399 price point. That device may end up being called the iPhone 9.

It’s worth noting that DigiTimes has a good track record of keeping tabs on Apple’s supply chain developments, but is generally hit-or-miss when it comes to predictions and feature forecasts.

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