16 Ways To Organize Your Bedroom Closet

#1. Place accessories in clear plastic drawers.


Store your necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses, belts, scarves and underwear in a clear plastic storage box for easier access.

#2. For empty wall space, place a bag rack or wall hooks.


Place inexpensive bags on a bag rack or wall hooks. Hang it at eye level.

#3. Be smart about storing things.


Your most-used items should be at eye level while the less-used items should items should be below and the least-used items up high.

#4. Fold the clothes in your drawers by exposing the clothes.


They said that folding your clothes pancake-style then stacking them in your drawers will just land on top of pile after pile. So the best way to avoid that is to fold the clothes small and tight then make them stand up instead of laying them flat. It’s similar to seeing the spines of your books on bookshelves.

#5. Hook them up.


When you’re out of space in your closet, hooks can be extra storage space. You can hang your denim jackets, cardigans and coats on hooks for easier grab and go as well.

#6. Use shelf dividers.


For cashmere and unruly items, just use shelf dividers to avoid leaning towers.

#7. Color-code your clothes.


It will make finding things easier.

#8. Keep your clothes from stretching.


Store your sweaters, shirts and other clothing that would stretch on canvas shelves.

#9. Go for wire drawers instead of built-ins.


It’s a very smart solution to a storage crunch. You can choose what size you need it to be so it would easily fit in your closet.

#10. Mount a pegboard inside your closet door.


It’s a rdpress.comlittle inexpensive mini-s.wodressing place where you can store little and light accessories, like necklaces, sling wallets and many more.

#11. Label your closet for the ultimate organization.


It’s always best to have them labelled because why not? Use gold plates and a label maker or you can just print them out.

#12. Instead of shoe built-ins, go with shoe boxes.


Built-ins can be expensive but for a cheaper alternative, slim plastic shoe boxes are a great way to store shoes. It will also give your closet more space for clothes that requires hanging.

#13. Replace your closet door with a curtain or hanging screen.


This is great for a room that is small and in need of some space.

#14. Store out-of-season clothes in boxes under your bed.


It’s an easy way to make more room in your closet. Just store them under your bed or high up your bed.

#15. For your less-expensive shoes, hang them on a shoe shelf.


It’s a short version of the traditional hanging shoe shelf that’s pretty much perfect for double-hung closet rods.

#16. De-clutter every three to four months.


Donate your unused or super-used items to charity. There will be pieces in your closet that you will be tired and would want to get rid of.

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