The new world of diagnostic tests

A more precise test prostatic

Men diagnosed with prostate cancer face, from a variety of options, with a difficult decision: From surgery to remove the prostate, the side effects include having difficulty with urination and impotence to wait and watch. The prostate cancer test Ecotype DX is facilitating this choice. This test, which analyze the genetic information present in a biopsy sample distinguish between rapidly growing tumors that need instant treatment and less aggressive that warrant monitoring at usual intervals.


For too long we have tried too prostate cancer says Dr. Michael Roizen, chief wellness at the Cleveland Clinic. This test allows us to avoid aggressive treatments when they are not needed and save lives when they are it then. Discounts, savings, information, access to health plans and insurance are just some of the benefits that our partners. 

Drugs and genes

The drugs affect people in unusual ways. The Food and Drug Administration FDA, Food and Drug Administration has published more than 150 drugs on its website that after DNA testing can be eliminated as futile treatments also testing can recognize adverse reactions and determine an optimal dose. For example, a test that evaluates the change of certain genes can help identify people with little chance to react to certain antidepressant medications or who are additional likely to experience serious side effects.

A genetic test can help doctors to prescribe an optimal dose of warfare, an anticoagulant, so that does not cause bleeding. Stephan recommends reviewing the list of the FDA and consults your doctor to tax whether a DNA test could change the prescription drugs you take.

Blood tests, simplified

Elizabeth Holmes, 31 years old, a multi architect of his own success he never finished his studies at Stanford University, vowed to revolutionize the field of blood-and he is succeeding, pinches- sting. That is the first big change no longer needs a tourniquet syringe or finds a vein. With a few drops of blood taken from a puncture in the fingertip, the formula patented by the company Holmes, Tehran’s, can do more than 200 blood tests, from routine cholesterol tests to sophisticated DNA analysis.

Are you used to wait days or weeks for the results of laboratory tests? Tehran’s gives them the results to doctors in a few hours. Even the cost is a fraction of what they charge rivals laboratories. The Tehran’s welfare center are already operating in many of the Walgreens stores. Next Are you afraid submitting to the colonoscopy?

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