Terminator speaker uses Amazon Alexa to let you talk to your future robot masters

One of the fastest rising voice-controlled assistants, Amazon’s Alexa, just got a new face, and it makes perfect, terrifying sense: It’s the Terminator.

To be specific, it’s the metal face of Skynet’s robot apocalypse in the form of the Terminator T-800, the original model of the death machine played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the classic 1984 film. The device is the creation of UK-based ACWorldwide, whose CEO, Karl Grimsey, told me that they have a worldwide license to produce the Alexa-powered speaker using the iconic sci-fi image.

In addition to its amazing look and Alexa functionality, the device also houses a camera in one of the eyes that will deliver the familiar, red-tinted Terminator view via an app on your smartphone. The device is currently listed as a Kickstarter project for $300 and ships to supporters in Feb. of 2018.

Previously, the company has produced speakers in the form of Darth Vader and Halo‘s Master Chief. But by adding Alexa to the Terminator speaker, it kind of gives us a little practice for interacting verbally with our future robot overlords.

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