SilverStone Introduces Raven RVZ03 SFF Case, Now With RGB


SilverStone today revealed the Raven RVZ03 SFF case, which features the improvements that the company made to the RVZ lineup over the years. The new case also brings the Raven RVZ series up to speed with the hottest industry trend: RGB lighting.

SilverStone released the first small form factor Raven HTPC gaming case (RVZ01) in February 2014. Since then the company continued to innovate and improve HTPC form factor. In September 2015, SilverStone dropped the RVZ02, which featured an alternate internal design and introduced a window to see your graphics card. Last year, SilverStone went back to the original design and revised the internal layout to add support for ATX power supplies. Now the company is back with another take on the Raven RVZ platform, which mixes a modern external design with the revised internal layout.

SilverStone effectively reskinned the RVZ01-E to build the RVZ03; styling is the primary difference between the two models. The RVZ01-E case is a 3-year-old design that is somewhat bland compared to the sleek style of modern computer cases. The RVZ03 features an updated front fascia with an RGB light strip that pulses in the center of the face plate.

The SilverStone Raven RVZ03 chassis is a small enclosure with more space inside than you would think. The original RVZ01 supported SFX power supplies and offered space for a 3.5″ mechanical hard drive. The RVZ03 features the revised internal layout of the RVZ01-E case, which removes the mount for the mechanical drive in favor extra space for full-size power supplies up to 150mm long.


The RVZ03 chassis includes four mounting points for 2.5″ hard drives and SSDs. One mount is located on the central partition that separates the graphics card chamber from the rest of the case. The other three mounting points are on the graphics card mounting system; two on top, and one underneath.

SilverStone’s Raven RVZ small form factor cases are compact and don’t offer enough space to mount a graphics card perpendicular from the motherboard. The company engineered a riser bracket that lets you place the graphics card parallel to the motherboard. The RVZ03 case has space for full-length graphics cards up to 13″ long and up to 5.88″ thick. SilverStone includes two 120mm fans with the case, but you can add an optional third fan in the graphics card bay.

SilverStone said the Raven RVZ03 chassis would be available in Europe after July 28. The company didn’t reveal the price, and it didn’t say anything about a North American release window. We’ve reached out for more details.

RVZ03 Specifications
Model No.SST-RVZ03B
MaterialReinforced plastic outer shell, steel body
MotherboardMini-DTX, Mini-ITX
Drive bay4 x 2.5″
Cooling system1 x 120mm fan, 1500rpm, 18dBA (Top), 1 x 120mm fan, 1500rpm, 18dBA, 1 x 120mm fan slot (Bottom)
Front I/O portUSB 3.0 x 2
audio x 1
MIC x 1
Power supplyOptional PS2(ATX) (maximum 800w due to internal power cord)
Expansion cardCompatible up to 13″ (330mm) long, width restriction-5.88″ (149mm)
Limitation of CPU cooler83mm
Limitation of PSU150mm (Maximimum 140mm if center bracket drive bay in use)
Net weight4.05kg
Dimension382mm (W) x 105mm (H) x 350mm (D), 14 Liters
15.04″ (W) x 4.13″ (H) x 13.78″ (D), 14 Liters
ExtraSupport Kensington lock
PCI Express riser card set x 1
RGB light strip control box x 1

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