Nextbit acquired by Razer, sales of Robin ceased


Nextbit, makers of the crowdfunded Robin, has officially been acquired.

Nextbit announced today that it has been acquired by Razer, maker of gaming computers and accessories. Nextbit says that it’ll operate as an independent division inside of Razer with a focus on “mobile design and experiences.”

So what does this mean for Robin, Nextbit’s Android smartphone? Nextbit has stopped sales of the Robin and its accessories, but folks that’ve already bought one aren’t being left out in the cold. Warranties will continue to be fulfilled for the next six months, and Nextbit plans to continue releasing software updates and security patches through February 2018.

The Nextbit Robin was a big deal when it was first announced in September 2015, as the team behind it was made up of veterans from Google and HTC. The Robin was successful on Kickstarter, and while the Robin didn’t necessarily gain massive commercial success, it seemed to do well enough as an attractive, affordable Android device.

Now we wait to see what’s next for Nextbit inside of Razer. Does this mean that we could see Razer enter the mobile market through Nextbit by releasing a new Android phone? It’s certainly possible, and given the Robin’s unique design, I know I wouldn’t mind seeing another piece of hardware from the folks at Nextbit.

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